an award winning medical protein diet
Personalised treatment
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PRODIMED Medical Protein Diet

An award winning medical protein diet, Prodimed® is a scientifically developed programme especially for adults who need to lose weight – using a method that is quick, effective, durable and most of all safe.

A qualified Nutritional Therapist and Prodimed ® practitioner can customise a personalised programme for you. The combination of award winning products and expert personal counselling from your nutritional therapist can help you quickly lose weight, make important lifestyle changes and learn healthy eating habits.

The Prodimed Treatment Programme ensures that the weight that you lose stays off!

How does our diet work?

Firstly, at your consultation with your nutritional expert you will map out your medical history and check that you are suitable for a protein based diet. Then you will determine your target weight and the time within which you would like to achieve your weight loss. Choosing the best time to begin the diet is important as it is vital that you have as little stress as possible so that you can fully focus on your diet, thereby maximising your results.

Prodimed offers you a wide choice in terms of products. Prodimed guarantees pleasant changes during the first and most rigorous stages of the diet. In addition both the protein bags and bars are available in different flavours. Thus you can always enjoy products you like.! That makes weight loss easier.

About the diet

This diet was developed by Prof. Blackburn (Harvard University) in the USA and was introduced into France during the Nineties by Prof. Apfelbaum.

Prodimed is a treatment programme developed especially for adults who need to lose weight – using a method that is quick, effective, durable and most of all safe. Personal counselling with myself combined with award winning modified products will help you to quickly lose weight, to make important lifestyle changes and to learn about healthy eating habits.

Slimming down is often a medical necessity; since obesity causes all sorts of complications, but under no circumstances should making those changes adversely affect your health. Dieting is a serious business and it is important that you are guided by a professional so that your diet programme is designed especially for your needs and based upon your current health situation.

Success with Prodimed could be your path to happiness – a properly prescribed and effectively followed diet cannot, with my help why don't you give it a go!

Prodimed has an extensive assortment of products available, also in a variety of flavours. When you start with the Prodimed Treatment Programme you will receive the Prodimed Starter's Kit after your intake interview and payment. The Starter's Kit allows you to try out a range of our different products during the first week, and by recording your preferences on your check list it will be easy to order the products you like as from the second week.

The extensive assortment prevents monotonous food and gives you some pleasant variations during the strictest phase of the diet, helping you to properly adhere to the Treatment Programme.

Please contact me for the list of products that are available.

Active Phases

Depending upon the results of your Intake Interview your nutritional expert will establish the number of steps required for your weight loss journey according to your health status. At the beginning of each Phase you will receive ONE form with all the guidelines specific to that Phase. You should follow these guidelines strictly and read each form carefully. IT IS NOT DIFFICULT & YOU WILL NOT FEEL HUNGRY! Sometimes there are very small but essential differences. The Active Phase consists the Complete Protein Diet (Phase 1) and the Moderate Protein Diet (Phase 2). During the Complete Protein Diet you only eat Prodimed products with allowed vegetables & salads. In the second Phase you start to introduce limited amounts of other foods.

Transitional Phases

The third and fourth phases are the Transitional Phase. During these phases the number of protein meals are reduced further. You may again consume normal meals and fruit, dairy and bread.

Maintenance Stage

The fifth and final phases are the Maintenance Phase. Weight loss is easy with the protein diet. Keeping the weight off is a different matter altogether. Even though you have lost weight during the previous stages, the Maintenance Phase is in fact very important. This is where your nutritional expert will help to guide you to a lifetime of healthy eating

Importance of guidance

The role of your nutritional expert (Consultant) is to customise a personal maintenance programme for you. This programme will eventually become your normal diet. During the diet you will have weekly consultations with your Consultant when you will be weighed and the progress of the diet discussed. Therefore you will be under constant guidance to assess how your diet is progressing. In case of any side effects, your Consultant is the designated person to discuss this with. Adjustments will be made to your diet if necessary. Your nutritional expert will advise you on preparing the products and on ways the programme can be made more pleasant for you. In short: your Consultant is there for you throughout the whole process to guide you as far as possible towards meeting your goals!

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