Ozone / Oxidation
Restores, enhances
and maintains wellbeing

Ozone detoxification

Ozone therapy (otherwise known as oxidation therapy) restores, enhances, and maintains health and well-being. The treatment involves application of energised oxygen (ozone) either topically through the use of a sauna or systemically through rectal, vaginal, or aural application, depending upon individual client requirements.

Ozone therapy optimises cell function by activating enzyme reactions at a cellular level.

Benefits include:

  • Stimulation of red blood metabolism
  • Stimulation of cell repair/ wound healing
  • Increasing metabolism - burning approximately 400 calories per treatment!
  • Slowing the ageing process
  • Harmonising hormones
  • Improves circulation and lymph drainage
  • Combats bacterial, viral, fungal, and parasitic infections ( including herpes virus, and candida)
  • Helps with weight loss and cellulite reduction
  • Detoxifies and cleanses the blood
  • Improves performance and stamina
  • Stimulates immunity, and allergy
  • Improves chronic fatigue and mental clarity
  • Improves asthma, bronchial and respiratory disease
  • Improves systemic and degenerative conditions
  • Dramatically improves skin conditions e.g. eczema, psorasis, acne, bowens etc
  • May combat cancers and aid recovery
  • Reduces cholesterol and lowers blood pressure
  • Relieves Interstitial cystitis

 Cost: £40 per session or a course of 6 x sessions for £200 

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