Weight loss

Most people struggle with losing weight at some point in their life. Some people feel so out of control with their weight... that it's difficult to know where to start, and get enough motivation to get going.

Weight loss at Q Wellness and Aesthetics is very unique, as we appreciate that everyone is different and often a tailored approach is needed to get the desired result.

We all have different amounts of weight to lose; we all have different metabolisms, and in some cases underlying health issues that may contribute to difficulty in losing weight.

There are a number of options for people looking to undertake a weight loss programme with Q Wellness and Aesthetics.

A full case history is taken initially to work out the best approach for you.

Available options are:

1) Q Weight Loss Programme

This is a tailored supervised calorie restricted programme using wholefood (organic where possible) for however many weeks is required to get the goal weight. The length of time following this programme depends upon the amount of weight loss required. Supplementation may also be required. You can expect to lose 1-3 llbs per week with this eating plan.

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2) Supervised ketogenic diet - generally used for people with a BMI above 28.


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3) Calorie restricted, macronutrient balanced food to your door

This is a fresh food diet plan to suit your individual needs, so you get the results you desire! Great for people who don't have time to prepare food, or prefer set meals delivered so you don't have to think about anything.

Great to help you to banish temptation, be free from shopping, preparing, cooking and leftovers - all the triggers that prevent you from feeling how you want to feel - confident and fabulous!

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