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Food allergy is not the same as food intolerance. A classical food allergy is actually quite rare (such as peanut or shellfish allergy) is usually characterised by immediate and often severe reaction of the immune system to exposure to a specific food. The symptoms of food allergy include sneezing, rashes, skin irritation, swelling, runny nose, fatigue, diarrhoea and vomiting. Onset of symptoms is very quick, generally within few minutes of eating or coming in to contact with the offending food, although they can be delayed by up to two hours. The most common food allergies are to peanuts, tree nuts (almonds and brazils), eggs, milk, fish and shellfish.

A food allergy stimulates a specific (IgE)antibody response to 'fight off' the allergens found in these foods. When the food is eaten it triggers an immune system response which results in the release of histamine and other naturally occurring chemicals in the body. Allergic reactions to food vary in their severity and can be fatal.

Food intolerance vs food allergy

Food Intolerance

  • Reactions are usually delayed and symptoms may take several days to appear
  • You can be intolerant to several different food Groups at the same time
  • Sufferers can experience multiple symptoms, from migraine to bloating, diarrhoea, lethargy and a generally feeling unwell
  • Raised IgG antibodies can be detected in the blood

Food Allergy

  • Reactions usually occur quickly, with a maximum of 2 hours after exposure to the 'reactive' food
  • The body's IgE immune system is activated by the immediate ingestion of the reactive food
  • Symptoms include: difficulty breathing, rashes, swelling, runny nose and anaphylactic shock

Food intolerance is extremely widespread and it is estimated that 45% of the population could be affected. Sufferers often complain of seeming to be in a 'fog', feeling bloated and being tired all the time. Food intolerance is your body's abnormal reaction to certain foods. Some people will have one symptom such as a severe headache whilst others may experience irritable bowel syndrome, migraine and skin or respiratory conditions.

A food intolerance test can detect food specific IgG antibodies Once identified its easy to identify problem foods. 

Cost: £175 (includes consultation and advice)

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