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Nutritional Therapy


Our bodies need the correct balance of nutrients to function well. Nutritional therapy recognises that we are all biochemically unique and therefore need tailored programmes of diet, lifestyle and where necessary nutritional supplements. Nutritional therapy will provide an optimal and individual nutrition programme.


I use detailed case history and where appropriate laboratory tests to help me provide optimal nutrition advice. My recommendations will work to support the channels of detoxification, enhance digestive function, balance blood sugar, address food intolerance or sensitivity, support natural immune defences and balance hormone or neurotransmitter imbalances.

Diet and lifestyle recommendations are individually tailored, making it realistic and achievable. Recommendations will include meal ideas, recipes, shopping lists, targeted therapeutic grade nutritional supplements and lifestyle changes.

Nutritional Therapy is not a replacement for medical advice. I always recommend that you consult with your GP for a serious health condition. Nutritional Therapy can and is frequently used along side conventional medical treatment, either to support treatment or to alleviate some of the side effects.

There is good scientific evidence to support the use of nutrition to alleviate health problems and to help in the prevention of chronic disease.


Nutritional therapy is prescriptive to individual concerns. It can take time for the body to respond and come back into balance, although you can expect to see some immediate improvements. Therapy is about identifying and resolving the underlying factors involved.

I recommend a minimum of two nutritional therapy sessions and find that most clients require three or four. I allow 90 minutes for the initial consultation, follow ups can be between 60 or 30 minutes.


I work with clients that have a wide range of health issues, and  I have particular expertise in improving digestive health and correction gut dysfunction correcting gut dysfunction i.e IBS, constipation, diarrhoea, over production of gas and smelly gas, abdominal pain, reflux, bloating , toxin avoidance, detoxification support, weight loss, improving energy, supporting the endocrine/ hormone balance, immune and nervous system; adrenal dysfunction and insulin resistance, chronic fatigue; reversing diabetes type 2, polycystic ovaries, fatty liver disease and reversing high cholesterol naturally, improving general wellness, and weight loss using tailored nutrition programmes which may include the use the a naturopathic wholefood approach, or Prodimed medical protein diet for those with a BMI over 28, adrenal imbalance or sluggish nervous system and insulin resistance can affect ability to lose weight

Before the consultation, I will ask you to complete a questionnaire and diet diary which I can post or email to you.

Cost: £65 per session (discounts are available on Packages of treatment)

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